It is served at noon. It consists of three dishes (to choose between four) and dessert. Includes white and red wine - selected by our sommelier - water and coffee.
Validity: 180 days 1 person
58.00 €


It consists of: three dishes (to choose between the four proposed) and dessert. Includes the two wines (white and red) previously selected by our sommelier, water and coffee.
This menu is served at noon, from Wednesday to Saturday and we change it every week.
If you wish to purchase it for 6 or more people or to personalize it for your employees with your company logo, please contact us by email
THANK YOU for choosing us for this special occasion !!!. We are sure that your guests will enjoy the experience!

Terms of use

Your guests can make the reservation through our website. When making the reservation, please indicate the number of this gift voucher. They must deliver the invitation the day they visit us.
This menu is served at noon, from Wednesday to Saturday.
Not served on Christmas days (noon on December 25, 26 and January 1 and 6).
We change the menus depending on the seasonal products and our desire to innovate and cultivate creativity, so the images may not correspond to what is served the day they come.

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